17$ Online Courses – The Best BF Deal

Have you ever taken a Software Course for $17 ? Yes, you heard it right, it is just $17 for this thanksgiving.

Udemy, a Leading Online Course Market place is offering 90% off on all of the 6000+ Courses till Nov 28th.

Up to 90% off over 6,000 courses!

The price of the courses rises every day until midnight Friday night, making it one of the biggest black Friday sales around, online or store front.

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Here are some Awesome Deals on Software Courses right now:

Learn Hadoop, MapReduce and BigData from Scratch: $17 $99

In over 16 hours of content including 74 lectures, this course covers necessary Big Data terminology and the use of Hadoop and MapReduce.

This course is perfect for any data-focused IT job that seeks to learn new ways to work with large amounts of data.

Learn NoSQL Database Design From Scratch : $17 $99

This course from Eduonix aims to teach you the tips, tricks and motivation behind the NoSQL database systems.

It will teach you the concepts from ground up and will help you understand why the control of data is at times more important than availability.

Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms in Java : $17 $60

This course introduces some basic data structures (arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees and heaps) and algorithms (various sorting algorithms, and algorithms for operations on binary search trees and heaps).

After taking this course, you will loose your fear for data structures and algorithms.

SAP – SAP Architect : $17 $399

SAP Architect is an Integral SAP skill integrated by SAP run companies. Most, if not all SAP run companies use SAP Architect as a tool to run their SAP Databases, manage their SAP Databases, and design their SAP Databases

By the completion of this online SAP training course, you will be fully versed, and capable of working with SAP Architect and SAP consultant in a Big Firm.

Informatica for Beginners : $17 $399

This is a beginner course in Informatica. What you should expect from this course? You can expect to learn the Key Features, Components and Important Concepts in Informatica.
Informatica course is designed for Fresh graduates and employees to gain expertise in Informatica power center and boost your career with advanced Informatica.

Comprehensive ASP.net MVC : $17 $149

Comprehensive ASP.NET MVC is an introduction to Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC web development framework. Assuming no knowledge of ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC, we will create a data-driven blog engine from scratch. This 14 hour series is all you need to get started quickly with building real, production-ready, web applications using Microsoft’s .NET framework.


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