Lottery Done! 172,500 H-1B Applications Received – H-1B 2015

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that it has received 172,500 H-1B petitions during the filing period which began April 1, including petitions filed for the advanced degree exemption.

The lottery was completed today, April 10th 2014. USCIS conducted the lottery for Masters (Advanced) degree first. All the advanced degree petitions which are not selected in the initial lottery are added to the General Quota (65,000) and the lottery has been done for these applications.

USCIS will reject and return the petition with filing fees, unless it is found to be a duplicate filing.


Whats Next?

  • Selected Petitions List sent to Processing Centers

The list of the selected petitions is sent to the appropriate service centers for further adjudication of the petitions. The service centers would then continue with the final processing on those petitions.

  • Selected Petitions Receive Receipt Letter

In regards to all the petitions selected through the lottery process, the petitioners will receive a receipt notice, with the EAC Number, useful to track the status of your petition.

  • USCIS returns unselected Petitions with Fee

The USCIS will return those petitions not selected in the lottery to the respective petitioners along with the fee. It is also important to know that the duplicate filings will be returned without the fee.

  • Wait-listed Petitions

Some of the petitions would be marked “wait-listed” by the USCIS and those petitions were also selected under the lottery. These wait-list petitions may possibly replace petitions selected under the lottery for Fiscal Year 2015, but are subsequently denied, withdrawn, or otherwise found ineligible. USCIS will retain these petitions until a decision is made whether they will replace a previously selected petition

  • Premium Processing

For those petitions applied under premium processing, USCIS will begin premium processing for H-1B cap cases on April 28, 2014.

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  1. Hello colleagues, how is all, and what you want to say on the topic of this paragraph,
    in my view its in fact awesome for me.

  2. Please if anyone can let me know that when the results for 2015 h1b lottery will come…genetal quota…or any way to get to know the result

  3. Debdulal Bandyopadhyay | April 13, 2015 at 9:19 am | Reply

    how it will take to complete the lottery for FY 2016?

  4. hi i got my H1b approved today NONAD / REG/VERMOUNT

  5. Any one waiting for packets? I have no update regarding lottery and still haven’t received the packet back.

  6. kumari suram | June 10, 2014 at 6:10 am | Reply

    anybody got H1 Approval?. Pls update

  7. I just got to know from my employer that my case for RFE. I am extremely tensed now. Can someone give real idea about RFE and chances of approved/Reject? Thanks in advance.

  8. My lawyer got the packet back

  9. Hi guys,

    I think many of us haven’t received a receipt no. yet. I am AD/PP/CA. What r ur plans now ppl?

    My company says I can work from India office until next year when they apply again.

    Please share what you guys are planning.

    • sillicondutchie | June 19, 2014 at 12:12 pm | Reply

      Was offered a job in sillicon valley, but didn’t get selected in the H1B lottery. Going for an O1 visa, but that’s going to take months.

      Man, the US needs to get their shit together when it comes to immigration.

  10. Has anyone received their rejected h1b petition yet? I haven’t heard from USCIS yet, I don’t if I my petition has been selected or rejected.

  11. Any one received packet?

  12. Does any one know what is the last date to receive information about the applications selected in the H1B-2015 lottery?

  13. Does any one have any kind of information about the packets to be returned? I mean those not selected in the lottery irrespective of processing (premium/regular).

  14. I didn’t receive my receipt yet? So Is it mean my petition was not picked from lottery ? What would be the last date to receive the EAC number?

  15. How soon I will get the information ? I have no communication from my sponsor till now if my file is picked up or not ? Any end date to it ?

  16. H1B Aspirant 2014-15 | May 23, 2014 at 8:21 am | Reply

    Can anyone say how latest did you see a petition being approved in lottery? looks like it’s been a while since people got their ‘selected’ communication from USCIS

  17. Guys still not heard anything and the worst part is that the attorneys give a standard email saying we cannot give you any info. its still being processed, check tracker for further updates. Cant they be honest and tell me its a bit too late now.

    Please tell me what to do. Cant just sit there like a dumbo and not look at other options so please advice me with a Plan B.

    Also and EGAN people have any information please feel free to share. I am soo not happy and really dont know what to think or make out of this situation. Please respond….

    As a side note have there been cases that have been accepted late? as in is there still hope or we are just waiting for our packets to be returned at this point in time….

    Any help would be appreciated!!!

  18. Manoj Sharma | May 22, 2014 at 6:41 am | Reply

    my petition was filed under PP/non-AD. My lawyer says most likely my petition was not picked as lottery has been completed now and everyone has been informed for PP. BUT they have not received my packet back from USCIS yet. She also said i might be wait listed, but that is not 100% guaranteed. What does ‘being wait listed’ mean?

    • Some applications are put in wait list category and will be processed in case any applications picke din the lottery are found to be fraud etc.

      • Manoj Sharma | May 22, 2014 at 8:49 pm | Reply

        So, i guess she is assuming that my petiition is wait listed. cant do anything more than wait and watch, yeh?

  19. abhinav jain | May 20, 2014 at 3:21 pm | Reply

    Hi Guys , My employer sent the email to some people that they have
    accpeted in lottry but asked other people to wait I am one of them .
    what should i consider rejected or really i need to wait . does USCIS
    sending the result of lottery in bits and pieces really or my employer
    want to hold the the situation for some more days.

    • I am in the same situation. There is basically zero hope now. But it seems like no one has received the rejected packets back yet.

  20. My application was rejected in last year’s lottery and I haven’t got any updates for this year’s lottery. Very frustrating. Please share some updates on how long we can wait

  21. Hi any hope still for NON AD/RP?? Pls update.. how long shall we wait…

  22. Non AD/RP/Vermont | May 20, 2014 at 5:01 am | Reply

    Non AD/RP/Vermont, Any hopes or everything is done?????

  23. Any hopes for Non AD/RP/Vermont H1b Petetion.

  24. Got a RFE. Does it mean I can’t work under cap-gap extension of advanced degree?

    • No, it doesn’t. You can continue working on cap-gap unless your application is denied by uscis. In that case, it will end immediately after denial of the application.

  25. Is anyone received package back due not selected in lottery?

  26. Vermont/Non-Advance/RegularQuota/

    Got my receipt today. Thanks for the support, i got from this page.

  27. Naveen Sankar Regatipalli | May 13, 2014 at 4:54 am | Reply

    Hi, I am hearing from multiple people that companies will just to stop attrition they say they nominate you for H1B Program but really they wont send or submit our petitions.. How true is this? Also my company is not at all updating on the status so is there any other way to find if my petition is selected in lottery or not?

    • yes i want to know the same, can anyone give some pointers as to how to verify if H1B is indeed filled ?

    • guest AD/PP/CA | May 13, 2014 at 4:30 pm | Reply


      I don’t think its true . If company needs you , why would they lie like this. If they dont want to file for your H1 then they would have easily told you.
      They wont try to pretend that they are filing and not do it . Its just waste of time yours and company to.

      BTW i am also waiting AD/PP/CA

    • Ask them at least for a FedEx tracking receipt to show that application has reached USCIS

  28. Anyone got RFE for Non AD/PP/EAC. Plz Update.

  29. I just recieved rejection letter.. Mine is regular processing non AD..

  30. Do u think rejections can happen after being selected in the lottery? What would be those cases?

  31. Hi……………i got selected in lottery ………..last week i got notified from my employer………….:)

  32. Any proof for the package returned? is the cheque returned?

  33. Guys chill .. We still have hope .. See this ..

    • Hi San , we are unable to open this link , could you please throw some light on what you saw in there….

      • Not sure how much correct this information is ? got from above link.

        When you guys were giving up hope, on H1B Visa 2015 receipt numbers, here’s come a refreshing update straight from USCIS

        USCIS said they may be issuing Premium Processing H-1 receipts till 21 May and non PP till 30 May

        • Guess this is a correct information because I have seen the same in twitter posts ‘immigrationcom’ , I hope its an authentic information.

          • Ashirwaad | May 9, 2014 at 4:55 pm |

            Than, All the best to everyone…still who are having hope + Including me 🙂

  34. people are geting packages back !!

  35. Any new AD/PP/CA updates ? …. I am losing hopes now… My lawyer says still no updates from USCIS

  36. Anyone received rejection notices yet?

  37. Has anyone applied from Egan LLP, Ernst & Young and got a response on their application?

  38. Was Anxious | May 8, 2014 at 1:03 am | Reply

    NON-AD/RP Got the information that the application got selected , so guys we still have time for getting updates for may be atleast few days..Be hopefull Goodluck!!

  39. Non-AD/RP/VT. Just got the receipt from my attorney, what a relief.. Good luck to everyone that still waiting for a response. I wasn’t selected in the lottery last year so I know how it feels, just don’t give up.

  40. Got the receipt last Friday. Non-AD/RP/CA

  41. Hurrey, Got the receipt number.

    • Could you please tell us is it is AD/ NON AD , Premium or non Premium and which service center.

  42. Has anyone applied via Egan LLP…..any news from their end???

  43. Anyone else going through depression waiting for this?

  44. I have received the e-mail from my employer that my application has been accepted by USCIS and received the receipt number, but also have mentioned that will update the status or if required RFE will ask for more documents. Does that mean my application has been selected in lottery?

    • Yes , it means you are selected in the lottery , but could you please tell us when your employer received the email and is it for Regular processing or premium and advanced degree or non advanced degree????

  45. One of my friend received receipt today, AD/PP/CA..but RFE…So keep hopes guys…

  46. if not selected in lottery, will you receive a rejection letter ? I’m asking because some companies lie that they applied, so a rejection letter would prove as proof. I was told uscis simply returns the package back

    • Yes, the company will receive the application back. Companies don’t really have an incentive to lie to future or current employees about filing for H-1B, so they are probably not lying.

  47. Has anyone heard from Egan LLP about their H1B’s I am really worried ….please help

  48. Did anyone received your packets back?
    Do we still have chances? (AD/PP)

    • Hi ,
      I am also waiting (AD/PP) . I heard some USCIS data entry completed thing on there FB page. But there is no official news on there website . My lawyer is still saying you will not know untill there is returned packet. They also mentioned last year few PP candidate received there info very late about last week of May. There can be possible delay in notice . But all these are assumption. .

    • A good indicator is your SEVIS update. I called my intl scholars office and they said as your SEVIS has not been updated yet, most likely you were not selected in lottery. You can call your intl students office and they can do a quick check

  49. Hi There, Can someone please confirm me, i can see this reciept number WAC-14-143-XXXXX in my company’s Immigration portal, what does this mean?

  50. did any one receive premium processing lottery picked up?

  51. My application got through the lottery…yesterday I got confirmation.

    • Congrats!!

      Can you provide your MIDDLE NUMBER after EAC/WAC … 5 digit number… And also confirm your’s AD/NON_AD and Premium or Regular.. Thanks

  52. Data Entry is complete meaning all those who have been selected have been intimated already? The rest of us are doomed now?

    • Even I am kinda confused because your info is correct but its not there on the main website though. Its there in the FB and twitter page. Very confused and tense.

  53. So no more hopes to keep on ?? Is there any chance of light ray left in this darkness

  54. I just heard from my employer that I got picked in the lottery,
    Non AD/RP/California center….all the best for you guys…

  55. vishali senthil | May 3, 2014 at 2:19 am | Reply

    when will the regular applicants get to know the lottery results?

  56. why no updates on h1bwiki??

  57. Today I saw the news: “USCIS has concluded the H1B Lottery. USCIS announced today that data entry of all FY15 H-1B cap petitions has been completed. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap petitions that were not selected in the lottery.”

    It says USCIS has finished “data entry”. Does “data entry” just include writing data into their systems, or include notifying all the applicants of the receipts number as well? Thanks

  58. kumari suram | May 2, 2014 at 1:45 pm | Reply

    Dear All,
    according to my employer my cheque is encashed, they are waiting for reeipt number.. just i want to update to you all. godluck…

    • Could you share with us few more details like , what kind of processing (AD/NON AD) (REGULAR / PREMIUM) ????

      • does the cheque get encashed after the petition gets approved? I am kinda confused that the cheque gets encashed and people have not received their receipts yet

        • Usually checks are cashed once the application is selected , that was one of the ways to know if your application was selected in the lottery , but this year there are few applicants whose checks were not cashed for couple of weeks after receiving the receipt , so this one cant depend on cashing of checks to see if their applications are selected in the lottery

      • kumari suram | May 2, 2014 at 8:09 pm | Reply


    • Did you get receipt yet?

  59. what are the chances of getting picked in lottery. Regular Processing, Not Advance Degree. Still didn’t get any notification. Vermont Center

  60. kumari suram | May 2, 2014 at 6:28 am | Reply

    My case still waiting.
    regular PR.. according to employer… still Waiting… still have any chance?

  61. SoAnonymous | May 2, 2014 at 3:07 am | Reply

    Regular Processing/Vermont: My employer said check have been cashed, is that a yes?

  62. AD/PP – Seems like emails are no longer being sent out. Have people started receiving application packages back yet?

  63. Just got to know from my employer that Cheque got cleared for me. Now waiting for Case number starts …

  64. Non AD/PP, has anyone got rejection yet?

  65. I didnt get my receipt yet 🙁 that means i m not selected. or is there any hope?

  66. AD/RP/VT…..Anyone still there? Any hopes?

  67. Non AD /RP /VT any hopes

  68. AD/PP, has anyone got rejection yet?

  69. Non-AD/RP all over? I am still waiting. People who applied with me have got their numbers :*(

  70. anyone still waiting for AD/PP/California Center? m still waiting ….

  71. Hi Every one,
    I have applied through pp, advanced cap by a desi consultancy. Got Rfe for employer-employee relationship, what is the success rate for this kind of RFE.

  72. AD/RP/Vermont??? Did anyone receive any updates?? How long it takes to get the receipt if its selected???

  73. AD/PP/Vermont – I am trying to track by receipt status on uscis website. Getting message “Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again.”

  74. AD/PP/Vermont

    no word yet — it’s over, right?

  75. Hi guys, my wife is applying to transfer from F-2 into H-4. She got a snail mail from USCIS with a receipt number, but I haven’t received any mail yet. Does that mean I am selected in the lottery? Thanks

    • Hi Brian, did your wife pay the fee through your attorney office? I am curious because I am applying too, but heard nothing. Thanks

      • My employer did all the communication with the attorney and I am not involved, but I think so because the letter from USCIS says “amount received $290”. Hope that helps you

        • yes, if your wife got the notice, then that means your petition is selected.

        • Brian, so your wife’s reciept came to your attorney/employer address, not to your physical address, and they notified you when they received it, right?

  76. AD/RP/CA got my receipt today. Yay!

  77. Hi guys Got selected in the lottery today NON AD /RP Vermount centre.Good luck for my fellow mates

  78. Hey guys…I got a mai just a few minutes backl from my school saying that my SEVIS record has been updated to H1b pending. I hope this means mycaze has been picked in the lottery. My case is AD /RP /CA

  79. Got the receipt # Non AD/ RP/California

  80. I came to know that my application in AD/PP category is picked on Apr 11, 2014 and my status in SEVIS is changed to PENDING on 04/15/2014. However, i did not receive my receipt number till now from USCIS. Is anybody there whose applications are picked and still waiting for receipt numbers? Do I have to worry about anything?

    • This is absurd. Wonder what’s happening. The processing is starting today and you haven’t got a receipt when it says pending on your SEVIS.
      Wonder what’s going on with USCIS

    • I got the receipt. My attorney had it in last week but he did not give me untill today. Thanks!

    • Raj… How did you check the SEVIS status? Did you check it on a website on through the college?

  81. Did any non Advanced Degree or Masters degree from United States got the EAC number……

  82. Any AD/PP update today ?

  83. What happens if some cases that got selected in the lottery are withdrawn?

  84. When will we get our package back if we are not selected in the lottery? My company filed my petition under non-AD/PP, I still don’t have any update from the attorney.

  85. Just got my receipt no. Non AD/RP Vermont centre

  86. My friend’s got picked, RP/NON AD/ CA , I am still biting my nails and waiting for mine…

  87. crime_master_gogo | April 27, 2014 at 8:19 pm | Reply

    AD / Regular processing … still waiting

  88. Anyone applied through collabera inc?

  89. Is any one knows about any university which offer 40 hr CPT from very beginning?

  90. Any Hopes For NON AD/PP/VT ….??

  91. so much tensed .. AD / RP .. Any hopes? please reply !!

    • I think AD is over.

    • AD / RP isn’t over yet. If RP non AD people have started getting the receipts, it doesn’t mean that AD / RP is over. I know quite a few people who are still waiting on AD / RP and I know people who got their receipt on 25th and apparently their letter was posted on 22nd. Snail mail can be quick or it might take a week. Sit tight. When I spoke to my attorney on Friday, she asked me calm down as there are 2 more weeks to go before everything closes. Like how PP is done now considering that the processing is starting on the 28th, you still have chances of receiving it by May 13th as PP results have to be out within 15 days. Also, it has to be noted that, sending the receipts and processing is done in different places. So things can happen simultaneously…
      It has been really hard. But all we can do now is calm down and wait. Cheers and good luck.

  92. Hay Guys I got it .. NON-AD Regular .more relieved now .. wish u all good luck here. was following this post from long time , just wanted to share with you all.

  93. Hi Everyone. I’m not sure about the keywords used regarding VISA process here. I’m from India. My employer had applied for a h1b visa for myself through BAL systems. Apart from this i dont know whether it’s regular or premium processing. Probably it should be Regular. can you please tell me when i ll know whether i ve got selected in lottery. anybody got receipt number ? thanks for the reply.

    • kumari suram | April 26, 2014 at 1:50 pm | Reply

      Dear Renu,
      nothing to worry , keep in touch with your employer.. i think normaly they will do regular processing.. few people got receipt number.. just relax.. goodluck..

    • Hi Renu, Even mine and all my colleagues were being filed through BAL.
      Last time my company missed to file . So, they have opted through BAL.
      We all are still waiting too…
      When I contacted BAL they updated that we will most likely get it by early May.

      Hope you too are from the same employer….

      All the best…….

  94. I am excited to inform that I got a mail from my employer that my application(regular / Non PP) was selected in lottery. Hope you guys get mail soon 🙂

  95. AD applications finished?

  96. Sorry if this is a naive question but how are people checking if their check is encashed? My attorney/company have not given me a check number. Should I go and ask them for the check number?

  97. Any hopes for AD – RP ?

  98. Is there any hope for non AD/PP cases?

  99. Bharath Reddy | April 25, 2014 at 9:49 pm | Reply

    Got picked up in the lotery. General/RP/VT

  100. I got to know this morning that my application has been selected in the lottery… My application was reguar processing in general quota or rather no quota..

    • u mean u r from d 60000 general quota who applied from outside us??? did u get any ackowledgement from ur employer??

  101. Is any premium candidate get the packet/fees back till now?

  102. Anybody who got AD/RP today?

  103. Badly waiting for NonAD/RP….

  104. non AD and regular started receiving notifications. waiting for mine…

  105. Non AD/Regular. My firm just informed that my filing fees has been encashed.Waiting for the receipt number now

  106. non AD started ? that means AD finish ?

    • Don’t make any assumptions..

    • Be positive. Your case might have been added in the 65000 Lottery, and got picked up. Look for alternatives for now, like applying for a school or getting a job in a Non Profit Org (they are exempt from H1 Quota)

  107. Just got my EAC number EAC1413950438
    Regular processing/Non AD

    finally peace after a nail biting month

  108. Hello Friends,

    I received from EAC number yesterday! AD quota… non premium

  109. To everyone who wondering what’s happening:

    What i observed so far…

    PP/AD/CT – Seems all receipts are sent already or Only very few candidates are getting receipts.
    PP/AD/VT – Seems all receipts are sent already or Only very few candidates are getting receipts.

    RP/AD/CT – Currently sending out receipts
    RP/AD/VT – Currently sending out receipts

    Non AD/PP/CT – Seems all receipts are sent already or Only very few candidates are getting receipts.
    Non AD/PP/VT – Seems all receipts are sent already or Only very few candidates are getting receipts.

    Non AD/RP/CT – Still there lots of chance and time to get notified
    Non AD/RP/VT – Still there lots of chance and time to get notified

  110. Is there anyone from Non-AD who has received notification (accept or reject) ?

  111. Hey..I am waiting for AD/RP. My consultant said if i do not get a receipt by tomo, i may have been rejected. Also My OPT ends on June 1st. I would want to transfer to F1 visa to keep my status. Any idea how long i should wait for the receipt before i jump into F1 again. The deadlines to pay tuition fee in May 10th. Any idea what to do???

  112. Got the update today that my application is selected AD/Regular/CA. Got the email from attorney this morning. Some of my friends under AD/Regular are still waiting.

  113. Any News on Regular/Non-Master/VT ??

  114. So far we heard only about AD PP/RP cases only.just 2 days left to hear about our receipts.wil they be dispatching all the regular quota PP and RP cases in just 2 days.howz that gng to happen.

    • whats yours? RP or PP/Non-masters??? VT??

    • swathi, are u sure so far we got only AD PP/RP cases. How are you sure that Non AD, Non RP cases no one is picked in the lottery ?

      • I am not say none of the non AD cases are picked up in the lottery.but so far none of non AD cases have been intimated about that.checked with lot of friends and consultancies but no news about non AD

    • I too never heard from anybody who got picked in RP (NON AD) , we will have to wait 🙁

    • Only PP cases will be heard before 28th of this Month irrespective of AD or non-AD. Apart from that all the RP cases AD or Non-AD will be heard prolly till mid of may. I know its an annoying process. Hang in there. Good luck.

  115. kumari suram | April 24, 2014 at 8:01 am | Reply

    Hi, my case is filed under normal processing not received receipt umber till now.. any update from others?

  116. Anybody’s status changed from Initial Review?

  117. Hi All ,
    Mine is filled under premium processing /AD . No update yet in my case .

    My question is, If by friday 4/26 I dont get update from USCIS then does it means I am not picked up in lottery ?

  118. any one with Regular processing non advance degree lottery results yet to be known .. Feeling tensed 🙁

  119. Got selected AD/RP/VT :)))!

  120. Any AD/RP/CA today?

  121. Any one whose employer Paramount Software Solutions

  122. Anyone whose employer is JSMN international, NJ?

  123. AD/RP/VT
    The lawyer received a receipt number today

  124. Masters quota and regular processing – got notification from USCIS that my application was selected in the lottery.

  125. Uph….. Thats a huge number….. Lets see what will happen next year….. H1B demand is on the rise…. Lets hope for h4’s a chance to work…

  126. Any one received notifications under AD/PP today?

  127. Hey.. I am waiting for AD/RP/VT. My company says the check is not yet cleared. My univ says the SEVIS is not updated. Does it still makes sense to wait for the receipt number?? Do i stand a chance??

    • In other forum(oh law) they say that for few cases checks are cleared after they received the receipts , so wait…

  128. Wow this is so nerve-racking! It’s soooo scary that a lottery decides the fate of our careers. I wish there was more transparency around this process, in terms of us being able to somehow check if the application was selected or not. My heart reaches out to all of you who are going through the same feelings as me. Congrats to all who made it :)!

  129. AD/RP/VT- got notified today by attorney. Was very tensed. Got copy of my receipt scanned and mailed ot me. But EAC # if entered in USCIS says “Case Not Found”. Will it take time to get updated. (I see notice date on my receipt as Apr-17th)..

    • @vg I have the same thing till yesterday, mine got updated today as Initial Acceptance, seems like Vermont’s server is having some issues, and it started updating recently..Keep checking, it will update in a day or two.

  130. My application got picked 🙂 AD/RP/standard mail/California

  131. Recieved H1 B receipt via standard mail AD/regular

  132. disqus_ALICRnx1Sq | April 22, 2014 at 6:22 pm | Reply

    AD/Regular Processing /Vermont any hope?

  133. Where the applications that reached on &th added to the lottery?

  134. Hello, I got picked in lottery AD/Regular Processing /California.
    Goodluck to everyone!

  135. Hi,

    I got an email from my attorney that they received a receipt notice from USCIS

    WAC1413*527** USCIS website shows initial review

    Master’s/Regular Processing/California

    Good luck everyone

  136. Is there any way we can confirm with USCIS that we got selected in lottery?

  137. Does anyone know whether all premium processing receipts dispatched ?

    • Usually there will be an official USCIS announcement regarding this , which is not announced yet.

      • i’ve applied in PP general quota , Vermont of my friend got it who applied through same consultancy. I am worried 🙁 what about yours?

        • Mine is AD/RP , same here , worried……:-( , but there is nothing we can do at this point of time , you can still wait for one more week.

  138. Did any one with non AD and PP get the receipt number

  139. Just saw the receipt mail from employer. AD/Regular Processing/California. Received Date- 4/10/14; Notice Date-4/16/14.
    Good luck everyone! We will get it!!

  140. Anyone who applied in plain regular process got it so far? (not AD/ not PP)

  141. got selected in the lottery.. AD/Regular Processing/California

  142. Is any way I can call USCIS customer center ?

  143. Just got the receipt….AD/ Regular Processing/California

  144. Got letter AD/Regular Processing/California

  145. Got the letter today, AD/RP/CA.

  146. Got it today, AD/RP/CA. received letter today.

  147. Any one still waiting on AD/PP California Center ?? Do i still have chance??

    • I think Masters Premium guys still have time until this Friday, as everyone know that premium processing starts from Monday 28th. Good Luck.

      • I do not understand what you are saying. Can you develop? I mean premium processing will not start on Monday since they have started already!?

        • Are you sure that premium processing has already started? Because, USCIS announced that premium processing will begin on 28th April in its recent release.

          • I am sure of nothing lol. I guess I am confusing the processing phase and the picking phase. So my question is, has the picking phase for non-premium processing started yet?

          • IT DID!

          • Why none of non premiums on this forum got an answer then? And please stop YELLING

          • First of all who is YELLING here Mr. Rob??!. YOU. Two of my friends who is Regular Processing/Vermont got picked this morning. FYI you asking about the non premiums ppl who got selected in this forum are here in comments section of this link –

          • What about those with Bachelor Mr.pramod? Are u saying there are getting answers? I do not see what ur saying Mr. Pramod. You are talking about masters here but the people above are, I think, talking about bachelors as written in bob’s comment. You just need to read that’s it.

          • I think what he means is whenever somebody types it in ALL CAPS it is considered to be yelling in internet language. I dont think he is saying that you are really yelling.

          • What about for non premium but bachelor ? Because no one on this forum got any answer for bachelor right?

          • I’m sure. because I checked status of few tickets on USCIS website, they have been approved with decision made.

        • there;s still a chance till this Friday to get notified about the lottery result who filed under premium AD or Premium Non AD. Once they notify all the ppl who got selected under premium they vll start processing the applications from 28th April. Selection in lottery is different from application processing .

  148. Does any one know the last WAC number?

  149. Hi! whether all H1B VISAs selected in the lottery have been notified(for the premium processing)

    • Still there is a chance to hear for PP. I hope this will be the last week to get your case number since they are starting PP next week. Be prepared for the best and worst.

  150. Anyone AD/Non-PP/VT center who got a notification of selection?

  151. When would I get my update. Regular processing and non Advance degree.

  152. When I can expect news about non-AD with regular processing applications? Any timeline for completion of non-AD with regular processing (basically experience candidates)

  153. still waiting for AD/PP/Vermont…Any hopes?

  154. My application is in acceptance phase. How many days does it take on average to go to the initial review stage. I have got my WAC number. Is that called a receipt Number?
    AD , Regular Processing.

    Thanks and Best of Luck.

  155. I applied through Premium processing in Masters Quota. I haven’t received my Receipt number yet. Still what are the chances of getting it.

    • Overall probability is somewhere between 75% and 66% ….this is based on an assumption for the number of Masters applications received. Note that this number is not published, hence the assumption.

      • I heard most of the Master’s application filed through Premium Processing were already got the receipt numbers. So can I wait still to get the receipt number?

        • I hope what you heard is not true! I know that several AD/PP applicants have been selected and notified already, but hopefully there are still more to be notified. I myself in the same boat.

          USCIS hasn’t released any statement saying that they have notified all successful applicants,

          • I hope this should be the last week to know the receipt for Premium Processing. Since on Apr 28 they are stating the PP applications.

  156. Anyone with regular quota and received receipt after lottery?

  157. finally got my H1B approved!! masters quota!!

  158. Got my receipt today, AD/PP California Service center….all the Masters guys will get soon..i know how hard it is to wait…good luck all…

  159. Got my H1B selected in lottery ! Regular processing + AD . California!!!

    • Did u get a mail ?

      • From my attorney . Yes
        “Good News! We received notification from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) that your H-1B CAP case was selected for processing.We are determining which set to be withdrawn and will forward the proper set of filing fee receipts to you as soon as the decision is made and provide you with further instructions. “

        • When your attorney says “which set to be withdrawn..”, does that mean you applied twice?

          • I did not. My law firm did coz one of my applications got delayed because of UPS Delay. We sent a mail to American Immigration Lawyers Association who suggested us to send another application too.

            Update (6:45 PM): AILA Liaison has been informed that due to the reported courier delivery problems with FY2015 H-1B petitions, USCIS will accept a second H-1B petition in certain limited circumstances. Specifically, for cap-subject petitions that were timely filed, if, upon inquiry, the carrier indicates that there may be a delivery delay or the package has been damaged, the petitioner may file a second H-1B petition with:

            A new fee;

            An explanation as to why the second petition is being filed, with supporting evidence (such as the notice from the carrier); and

            A request to withdraw the first H-1B cap petition.

            USCIS will return the withdrawn petitions with the fee, even if they have already been receipted.

            Petitions that do not include the above-referenced items will be treated as duplicate petitions and will be denied or revoked, and USCIS will not refund the filing fees. Please also note that if the FY2015 cap is met within the first five business days of April, USCIS will reject all petitions received after April 7, 2014, including duplicate H-1B petitions filed in accordance with these instructions.

            Law firm is taking one of the applications back now even though both were selected.

        • Makes me sick if they applied twice.

          Rather than increasing limits, the government should simply crack down on abuses like this, and by body-shops

  160. I have a question. My company is a very big multinational and has its offices in India as well. My question is if I do not get H1B this year, can My company just send me to India for a year to work at that office and reapply for me and bring me back to US next year

    • Ask this Question to your Manager.

    • try to marry your manager…easiest way to solve all your visa issues

    • As far as i kno, they have the flexibility to assign you to another location outside the US, apply for your visa next year and if selected, you may resume working in the US starting October 2015. Hope it doesn’t come to that and you get it this year. ATB!

  161. AD/ Non-PP – Anyone got their receipts ?

  162. Anyone received AD/ regular processing receipt number?

  163. Any one still waiting for AD/PP from California Center. Can we still keep hopes?

  164. So i saw on another forum, that one person who had regular processing has heard that her application was selected.

    She says –


    I received a call from my employer today telling that he has received confirmation from USCIS that the Regular processing H1 Petition they filed for me has been picked up in the lottery. However he says he hasn’t received the Receipt Number and that would take some more time to come. Is that how it normally happens? So does the USCIS notify about the lottery selection first and then sends the receipt number?”

  165. Anyone received info about regular filling (non-premium) ? Advanced Degree or non – Advance Degree?

    • Got the receipt number..!!! AD / Non-PP / California …!! One of my friend with different employer also got yesterday..!!

  166. Hello, Anyone with non Master and regular processing received any update?

  167. Anyone with AD/premium still waiting? I haope it is not a reject if you ahven’t heard anything till now for premium processing. This weekend wait will be terrible with good friday off.

  168. I have received the EAC# for premium processing, but when I try to search in the USCIS website it says, “Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283.”

  169. anyone received mail who applied in Masters quota with non-premium

  170. Any One who Got Receipt notification for Regular Quota/ Regular Processing .

  171. Did any one of you who filed their H1B under Advanced degree / regular processing received their receipt no.’s?

  172. Hi Guys,

    Did anyone receive Receipt Number for H1b Regular Quota Regular Processing(No AD).

  173. Anybody’s Application got picked whose application reached on the last day? Mine reached on Monday 4/7/2014 . California Center. AD + Non Premium

      • Sorry, Let me rephrase -Anybody’s Application got picked whose application reached on the last day? Irrespective of status.

        Mine reached on Monday 4/7/2014 . I was just putting my profile info – ( California Center. AD + Non Premium )

  174. I did not get picked non AD/PP

  175. Anyone received receipt number till date, kindly let me know.

  176. Hi All. I applied for general quota with premium processing. My Lawyer sent me an EAC number for vermont. It still not coming on USCIS website status update. It is coming as “your case can’t be found”. Does it take long before it is traceable on their website?

    • it was sent last evening it has been more than 24 hours.

      • I got mine yesterday in the morning. My case is not updated yet as well.. my HR manager says it might take anywhere close to 10 business days to get updated ! Have to wait no other go!

    • Good question. I checked with my attorney and I was told that updates may take time. So do not totally rely on the website case status since the updates may take sometime to show up

  177. Could you please clarify whether the employer/attorney get any receipt
    if the petition is not selected in lottery? How to cross-check that
    employer has actually filed the petition and is not selected in lottery.

  178. I have applied in general quota + premium , till now my employer did not got any confirmation. Still do i need to keep hope ? till what time ?

  179. Hi I got my receipt num from my employer today morning-regular quota,premium processing.

  180. Just curious, if we are in cap-gap and our h1b result is still pending, and our opt is already expired, and we get denied for h1b, do we get a grace period to change our status and apply for OPT stem extension if we have not used it before?

    • Yes, you do get a grace period i.e. once you file with immigration for change of status (be it for STEM extension or F-1 reinstatement) your immigration status becomes “pending”, which allows you to stay on until USCIS gets back to you

  181. Any AD/ regular today?

  182. Does Full time people receive late notices? Applied PP AD full-time employed…

    • it doesn’t matter if you are full time or contractor , if the application is picked in the lottery you will receive the notification , still there are many who did not receive in AD PP , so sit tight, you will get it.

  183. I have applied PP under AD and haven’t received anything yet. Do I still have chances of getting a notice as the regular quota people started getting receipts. Very much tensed as my OPT is expiring this year and i have been working full time right from beginning.

  184. Hi.. i got my receipt number via email from my employer on 4/14. But my uscis case status still showing me “case not found”. Anyone know about this situation?

    • I also got my receipt num today and even my case says “case not found”.when I checked with my employer,they said that currently USCIS has just assigned receipt numbers and case status with be updated once the processing centers start processing the cases.

  185. Any luck for people who applied H1B in advanced degree regular processing? did any receive receipt number ?

  186. Anyone with AD non – Premium processing from the California Center Still waiting ?

  187. I have OPT EAD expiring on May 2nd week and my employer had filed the h1b in regular (masters). I don’t have any info if my application got selected in lottery. Can I still work after the 2nd week of May as employer had applied for H1B. As far as I know I can work under cap gap if I got selected in lottery but this situation is different.

    • No. This is CAP GAP Extension. You can work. why don’t you ask your immigration lawyer?

      • CAP GAP Extension starts only if your H1B packet is picked in lottery(** ie USCIS is processing your request for H1B and till the results are notified you can work on so called Cap GAP).

    • you can work if you get your H1 which gives you automatic extension until oct 1st (when H1 kicks in). but if you haven’t received anything yet, I doubt you can work just because you applied and haven’t received any confirm yet.

      • I got the response that I cannot work till the lottery results in known. Can’t go for admit as not sure if it got selected and also can’t just sit waiting as the EAD is expiring.

  188. Any AD with Regular processing got receipts from Vermont?

  189. Is anyone else in a situation where your employer says he filed your petition and you have practically no clue whatsoever?
    All I did was give him the docs he requested. General quota, no PP. H4 to H1b.
    Do we just wait it out forever and ever?

    • If your application is selected, your employer will receive an number, if your employer does not receive the number, it means your application was not picked up in the lottery.

      • Beg to differ, it does not mean the application was not picked up in the lottery. This only means he/she has not idea yet about his/her application status. Currently only folks with Masters Degree and a few in regular quota and PP have been notified with a receipt number if they were selected. I know of cases last year when there was no information till about 10th May and some regular processing no master quota getting the receipt number at that time.

        So to answer D’s question, unfortunately just have to wait and pray and hope for the best.

  190. Anyone who received Receipt number still in “Acceptance” case status? It says received date as 11th April but still my case is in Acceptance, I see many that have moved to “Initial Review” .. is this a problem?

  191. I got my ticket no today. Undergraduate, premium. Hope, you will all get pretty soon.

  192. Any one with H4 to H1, Advanced Degree, that got selected?

  193. Got it today.
    Non AD/PP/VSC
    Good luck to all.

  194. Does any one received receipt number for Advanced degree, regular processing, please update if you do so.
    Thank you!

  195. My wife got it approved PP/AD California. Few of her office colleges who had applied H1 also got it (all of them), all were AD. I strongly feel that acceptance rate of Masters cap(AD) is very high, say more than 90%. Even last year also it was very high.

    • I beg to differ that it’s too high, I have applied in AD/PP. I haven’t heard anything yet. I know 5 of my friends haven’t heard anything yet, they applied in AD/PP from different top tech companies.

      • We know that last years AD success rate was very high, you can check it with your college seniors and others who got H1B last year under masters cap. Masters applications can’t increase drastically in a year as neither colleges had doubled 2 years back, nor everybody completed their PHD this year, it can go up a natural growth of 5-7%. Also, there was a lottery last year so I am sure that not lot of people were extending STEM OPTs and not applying H1Bs last year, so mostly fresh graduates would have applied this year. I am sure you will get approval notice soon. I would be happy if you update us on this forum after receiving it.

        • I haven’t received any notice so far. AD/PP. probability is not high (given number of applications increasing in AD category ) but definitely higher than others. Anyway.

  196. Does any one who filed in Regula Quota + premium processing received any email ?

  197. chitanya chitturi | April 14, 2014 at 9:09 pm | Reply

    why cant they inform the regular quota and masters quota numbers?

  198. Just received my receipt number via regular mail (no email for some reason).

    Premium processing / Regular quota / California Center

    Good luck to all of you guys, I know how terrible it is to wait without knowing.

  199. Guys, don’t worry too much if you can help it. I’ve heard (unofficially) that they are only able to notify 3,200 lottery winners each day. Relax and wait it out.

  200. I got my receipt number today, don’t worry guys most of master students must get it…all the best

  201. I got the H1B reciept this morning (04/14/2014) from my attorney. I had applied for premium processing. All the best to everyone whose OPT is expiring this year. You will definitely get it.

    • Congrats, so happy for you.. Mine is regular processing, it seems I will have to just wait it out..

    • Swapna , which service you have been applied for ?My employer applied 2 application from his different companies , AD/PP for CSC and AD/RP for VSC . stilli am waiting for results .

      • Its cos of assholes like you and fraud firms like yours that everyone else gets screwed! Give us your details and we’ll inform USCIS. You guys abuse the system and everyone else suffers.

        • I share your frustration, but apparently it’s perfectly legal.

          Of course, if body-shops like Infosys did not exist, there would simply be no lottery at all…so you should probably be more angry about that

        • True. But I wouldn’t those words on a comments section 🙂

          Having said, I understand your frustration. There is lot of them out there that try to work around the system and abuse it. It is unfortunate that many also bring such bad habits from wherever they may come from. And what’s more frustrating is that people just get away with it. But karma will get them…

    • Hi Swapna, Could you please let me know did you applied for H1B 2015 Premium processing under 65,000 quota ?

  202. got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AD PP…GOT ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. I received my Receipt Number today – Masters quota, premium processing.

  204. any update on this today? When can we expect to get regular processing result?

  205. Got my EAC number yesterday. good luck for the rest…

  206. is there any one who filed their H1B under master’s quota regular processing , and received the case no. notification?

  207. is it true that all applicants filed under one company get to know if they are picked or not on the same day?

  208. when do regular cap non masters candidates get notified for their H1B by USCIS?

  209. I recieved 2 EAC number from my lawyer. But, hes insisting, they just filed H1 applicant once. Not sure, whats wrong.

  210. Do I get any update online.. Can I check my status online

  211. All
    are Commenting for masters (Premium & Nonpremium)…. anyone got
    the receipt (via email) or (EAC Number) for H1-B?….please let me
    know….becoz my attorney too applied for Premium processing…

  212. Did anyone get their receipt who have filed through non masters regular processing?

  213. Would be grateful if someone could answer. Just curious – after the lottery is done, what if H1Bs get rejected in the interview process? Don’t know how common this is, but say 1000 are rejected because of whatever reasons.. do those 1000 H1Bs then just go to waste or do they pick 1000 new applications from the ones that were initially not selected in the lottery?

    • To my knowledge, they do not run the lottery again under such circumstances

    • So i have heard people are filing from 4- 5 multiple employer, wht happens in this case, if their 3 packages are picked in lottery..?? at the end they need to select only 1 right, so wht do they do with the other 2 ..??

    • During the lottery process, they select additional applications over the 85000(AD+Regular) in each section and put them ‘On-Hold’ status. If any visa is rejected or found duplicate, they will be filled with the applicants from the ‘On-Hold’ status.

  214. Anyone got receipt on regular processing yet?

    • The trackitt website gives you a fair idea about the status of premium/regular. Check the H1B tracker information and use the filter options.

  215. I got my receipt number..!!

  216. is that right that you get the notice earlier because your opt will be expired soon?

  217. How about the one with regular processing? should I expect email or regular mail?i have regular processing advanced degree?

  218. premium processing people are starting to get their receipts from today. Check with your lawyers!

  219. I have been following this page forever. I am excited to inform that I got a mail from my employer that my application was selected in lottery. Hope you guys get mail soon 🙂 Thanks all 🙂

  220. It appears case numbers have started coming in for premium processing category. I obtained mine today from the attorney’s which was filed under Masters

  221. Anyone’s OPT Status has changed? I tried calling but it still says Jun 30th 2014

    • Ankit, what you mean by OPT Status? Are you saying there a way someone on OPT can check his H1b is approved or not by checking the status of H1b?

      • There is a link below in forum which says you can check your status(unofficially) by getting to know your SEVIS details. Scroll below to find that link. Best of Luck

    • Even i am not sure how it works. If the sevis wont get updated. does that mean, application not selected in lottery process ? some one please help us to understand on sevis updates.

  222. Has anyone that received a number called SEVIS?
    What do they tell you about the status of your OPT?

  223. ?questionmark | April 11, 2014 at 4:32 pm | Reply

    any updates regarding receipt numbers??

    • Hi every one i have some doubts in H1B visa .. i got picked in lottery i have the receipt number and i am applying for status i got the query ..On July 7, 2015, we mailed a request for additional evidence for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC1514150165. The request for evidence explains what we need from you. We will not take action on your case until we receive the evidence or the deadline to submit it expires. Please follow the instructions in the request for evidence. If you do not receive your request for additional evidence by August 6, 2015, please go to to request a copy. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address…..still there is no update in status ..pls give rply …

  224. To all anxious applicants of this year – I know how it feels to wait (been there last year), all I will suggest is just try and keep calm. This process is very random and no one can exactly predict when you will get the notice. My company applied 6 visas last year (all under master’s regular application). Some of us received the receipt notice in 2 days and for some it took 3 months (yes they got the notice after 3 months). Once you receive the lottery notice it may take longer to get the approval notice (it varies from 5 days to 5 months, trust me on that). There is too less things that you can do if you are way to anxious to know how to find out if your application has been picked up in the lottery – Here are few things to do (not recommended, as it does no good but increase your heart beat and anxiety)
    1. Check the status of your SEVIS with your School (ask the ISSC) for those who completed MS in USA
    2. Ask your company (or attorney) if your check has been cleared (check of application fees)
    3. Wait for the e-mail or physical mail from USCIS

    Good Luck All !

  225. I am being told by my the employer that I have to wait till 28th or 30th for the results. guys please let us know if someone come to know about anything here.

  226. WAC1400150019 YAY

    • Do u think this is funny.
      This is October 22, 2013 case number.

    • All due respect, this isn’t funny. People are anxious out here.. Get a life and don’t misuse the comments section.

      People are trying to share and get useful updates as we speak. Take this someplace else!

  227. many days it will take to send the receipt or intimation about lottery selection.?

    • I read that last year attorneys that filed for premium processing got emails with case numbers as early as 2 days after the lottery so we should prob know some time next week

    • Hey Anil. You may like to check the other comments; your questions are answered 🙂

    • I think people already started receiving receipts…from other forums I picked this number and checked the status (WAC1413250506) and it showed Acceptance…good luck guys! fingers crossed!!

  228. It can’t take till the 28th to get a simple email if you applied for premium processing

    • It wont necessarily be the end of the month if you have applied with PP(Might take 5-10 days). One of my friend has received his confirmation this morning.

      Source: My application was picked last year and I received the confirmation after 4 days(Premium Proc).

  229. The premium processing date of the 28th doesn’t mean that you cannot get your receipt number early and know that you are selected under the lottery cap right?

  230. 172500??? Man this H1-B will kill me… I applied last year under a Advanced degree and got rejected in two lotteries!!! Am so tensed this time!! Hopefully it will get selected this time! 🙁

  231. My company has applied H1B for me, would the lottery result be sent to my company first or will USCIS mail me directly?

  232. When we will be able to know if our petition is selected or not?

  233. Does SEVIS record get updated immediately after lottery is conducted ?

  234. When we will get start getting the receipt numbers?

    • I think already started…look at this receipt number which I found in another forum…WAC1413250506…fingers crossed!! waiting for mine too…good luck for yours!

    • USCIS will take time to send the acceptance confirmation as they don’t send all the mails at the same time. Some people might get it in 1 day and some might get it after 30 days. I know it is a very bad time for any one involved in the lottery. I was part of it last year and it was terrible. It took 4 days for my lawyer/employer to get the acceptance confirmation from USCIS. So just wait it out.

      And guys no need to fight in a forum. Especially for something like this; for the people being insensitive you should realize that H1 means a lot for a lot of people. Be friendly and try helping each other. All the best!!

      PS: Just to avoid any confusions, when I say 4 days for my acceptance, it means 4 days after the lottery was completed.

      • hi ,
        Applied H1Bvisa for my spouse who is n india through an agent in US, does anyone know is there any luck in getting the visa approved, or anyone has any experience in applying visa by being in india.

      • So i have heard people are filing from 4- 5 multiple employer, wht happens in this case, if their 3 packages are picked in lottery..?? at the end they need to select only 1 right, so wht do they do with the other 2 ..?? does the WAIT – LIST be placed in this place..??

        • Tina,
          You are correct, out of 3 selected one would be his final choice to select. USCIS will select again 2 from the wait list and continue process.

  235. Worked on list of all combinations and probabilities here…

  236. How long does it usually take to get the picked/not information?

    • Can anyone please tell me… Anyboby got their receipt number… I applied through premium process foe general quota…. How soon we will know… Please tell me

      • USCIS had announced that they would begin premium processing for H-1B cap cases no later than April 28.

        Looking back at last year’s timeline some premium processing cases were approved as early as April 15, 2013 and rejected packets returned to the attorneys starting May 1st week. It appears we might have a longer timeline this year

        PS: You could check previous posts here for answers

  237. How soon do they send us the receipt number in case the application was selected.

  238. How soon would this information be transferred to my attorney?

    • All premium processing requests get notified via email and regular processing requests will receive receipts through standard email.

    • Believe it is April 28th If I’m not wrong

      • Is April 28th the day lottery results would be passed on to the attorney, or USCIS will process H1B for people selected on lottery on this date and the attorney will receive the information a few days after April 28th?

        • USCIS had announced that they would begin premium processing for H-1B cap cases no later than April 28.

          Looking back at last year’s timeline some premium processing cases were approved as early as April 15, 2013 and rejected packets returned to the attorneys starting May 1st week. It appears we might have a longer timeline this year

          • Now USCIS has announced that they will start the procession on April 28th, we can see in the USCIS news alerts page!

    • I got the H1B reciept this morning (04/14/2014) from my attorney. I had applied for premium processing.

      • Hi Bhaskar, Could you please let me know did you applied for H1B 2015 Premium processing under 65,000 quota ?

  239. suresh kumar | April 10, 2014 at 8:03 pm | Reply

    when we will come to know if our name is selected or not ?

    • suresh kumar | April 10, 2014 at 9:08 pm | Reply

      How long will it take to get the notification, whether the name is selected in lottery or not ?

    • According to an attorney it might take several weeks for USCIS to send out receipts.

      But if a case is not accepted, USCIS will return the entire package, but typically this happens after all accepted cases have been assigned EAC numbers

  240. how long does it take to get the receipt no.s? does it differ for regular and premium processing?

  241. just got a mail from attorney saying mine is picked Yay!!!

  242. How many petitions for master degree?

    • Usually it is 20000.

    • I have the same concern.. More than 20,000 petitions were received, which is all we know for right now unfortunately

      • Well the 172500 includes master degree also. Lets say 30000 PG applied. So for 20000 they use lottery to give and the remaining again fall in the rest of them picked by lottery.

    • What you mean Master Degree ? Is it like the one who completed Master degree profession looking for H1 Visa or who looks for studying Master degree there in US?

      • du you have a brain in the first place?

      • People's voice | April 11, 2014 at 2:22 pm | Reply

        ur name suggest you are south indian, because of dumb people like you coming to america in a big number, has made other people difficult to get visa.

        • @People’s Voice, so you think Indian are dumb or south Indians. Do you realize, you are actually displaying racist behavior towards a fellow Indian. Shame on you

      • It refers to those who completed theri MS in d USA.

      • Hello Balaji,

        There are two kind of filing process, one is in master quota and another one is in general quota.

        Master Quota: For the one who finished their masters in USA can apply in this quota, Not all master students who finished masters in USA Universities may have this opportunity. He/She should complete his/her masters from the University which must have necessary accreditation and it must be a non-profit origination. File can be approved under the master cap only if the university is non-profit and accredited. NO file will be approved even if the university is perfectly accredited but a For-profit origination.

        General Quota: Applicants from all over the world who at least have their Bachelors degree. Students from USA’s for-profit Universities are eligible to apply in this Quota.

        Note: People who wants to study masters in USA are not allowed to apply H1, Where H1 means work authorization for non-immigrants in USA. They need to apply F1 VISA for studying in USA.

        Hope you got it..!

        • It does not matter whether or not the school is for-profit or non-profit so long as it is accredited

          • I think you might not aware of this. For your information please refer

            Here is one of the questions posted in students FAQ’s at murthy law from.

            Question (15.Nov.2013): I graduated from an accredited, private, for-profit university with a master’s degree in electrical engineering. I applied for and obtained OPT authorization. My employer filed my H1B petition under the masters’ quota, based on my degree. However, the USCIS issued a notice of intent to deny because my degree did not qualify for an exemption from the annual limitation on the number of H1B visas (masters’ cap) since my degree was not from a non-profit or public school. Is the USCIS correct? What should my employer and/or I do?

            Answer: Under the law, to qualify for the masters’ cap, the degree should be awarded by a public or non-profit U.S. accredited institution of higher education. Many employers overlook this requirement when they request that the petition be exempt from the regular H1B cap based on the master’s degree from a private school. One may argue that the USCIS has discretion to treat this petition as if it were filed under the regular cap, but the USCIS is not likely to accept this argument in all cases. If the H1B petition is denied for this reason and you still have valid OPT authorization, it should not affect your ability to continue employment. Your employer then should refile your petition next year under the regular cap, if you have at least the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree from an accredited school in the relevant field.

            You can also refer :

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