H-1B Lottery Scam – Alert!

h-1b lottery scam

In the recent days, there have been many scams targeted towards H-1B people. Here is One more incident reported by H1B wiki visitor on our facebook fan page.

h-1b lottery scam

“Today a new incident happened. This year my H1B application was not picked in the lottery. Today morning, I got a call from New Jersey which they claim was USCIS verification department. She had every info about my H1B application and she said government is looking out for foreign nationals who where not selected in the lottery to give the H1 approval and the people from Caifornia Center will come to your house to verify and if all correct they will give visa approval then and there itself.

I was almost fooled by their fraud call, but later it drew my attention when she said, the H1b fee is being returned to your employe,r so I need to pay for it and so I need to go to nearest CVS and get moneypak cards and give it to the people when they come home to verify. I knew this was a fraud and I just hang up the phone. No more calls received.

I am sharing this, as there are many people who are in this tensed mode of not having a H1B, people out they are exploiting this situation and trying to make money out of it. Just to make sure every one is aware of my case, so all will be careful in future.”

Santa Clara, CA USA

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Here are few more scams reported on H1B wiki before.

 Tips on avoiding these Scams:

  • USCIS will never call you to pay any kind of fees.
  • Many fraudsters are using the Moneypak cards to do these type of scams. So, if someone calls you and ask you to send money through Moneypak, Don`t do it. Report the incident to the cops.
  • Avoid giving your personal information on less reliable websites. Many incidents are reported when they used discount services like http://www.halfmovietix.com/. Some incidents occured when they posted the resumes on Job Portals.
  • Do not give any of your personal information, like your SSN, credit card details, etc on Phone.
  • Do not continuously converse with the caller. They may threaten you not to drop the call.
  • Ask Additional Information before deciding.

6 Comments on "H-1B Lottery Scam – Alert!"

  1. Mai i know when will be the last slot release for H1B. I didnt get any status till now from our employer.

  2. I just received a call from an unknown number asking if I have got any call from the immigration office and he is from the police department.

    He said that I forgot to fill few important documents when I entered into this country etc etc…..

    I immediately stopped him asked him his badge id and which state police department along with name and complete details…..he gave his badge id as JD206 and some extension and when I asked him to give his name to make a note of it he disconnected the call…..

    I did not take this seriously initially however this is 100% true people be ware…..

    • I am sure this was a fake call to trap and get money from us…you will find so many blog regarding this frauds in google.

      Be aware and done give personal info.

  3. Hi everyone, i have applied for h1b this year ang got selected on April 28 after a week or 2 I received a call from Washington as follows:

    (I already knew about this fraud/scam call I had read enough to deal with it)

    Caller: Hello, I am calling from federal department how are you doing.

    Me: I am good, how are you.

    Caller: I am good, as I can see that you had applied for h1b. Which visa are you on?

    Me: we’ll sir its a mistake, I am a student.

    Caller: oh student, I am sorry to bother you, I may have wrong info.

    Me: no problem, have a nice day.

    Since then I get call from same number till date every day.

  4. Thank you for sharing….. it is ridiculous to see how people go around exploiting others in their tough times…. good luck to you for your future endeavors.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, it may not be so helpful but can you share the Phone number from which you got the email.


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