Top 10 H-1B States – Fiscal Year 2013


Department of Labor announced the Top 10 States for H-1B Candidates based on for the Fiscal Year 2013 statistics. The top states are looked up by the DOL (Department of Labor) based on the number of worker positions certified in a given state.


Top 10 States For H-1B Candidates

The Leading state in Fiscal Year 2013 is California, with 160,313 certified worker positions. The second leading is New York, with not even half the number when compared to California, with 70,988 certified worker positions followed by Texas with almost the same number (70,671).

List of Top H-1B States by Worker Positions Certified


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3 Comments on "Top 10 H-1B States – Fiscal Year 2013"

  1. there is mistake in pie chart. no. of resource almost same in Texas and New York but New York 18% and Texas 8 %???

  2. can you share the source of this information. Website links please, I tried googling and came empty handed

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